Pet-Ever LAMB LIVER - petspacestores
Pet-Ever LAMB LIVER - petspacestores
Pet-Ever LAMB LIVER - petspacestores
Pet-Ever LAMB LIVER - petspacestores
Pet-Ever LAMB LIVER - petspacestores
Pet-Ever LAMB LIVER - petspacestores
Pet-Ever LAMB LIVER - petspacestores


Pet-ever Lamb Liver

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Pet-Ever Lamb Liver

Product Features:

  • Take care of cardiovascular and hair health. Lamb liver is richer and more stable in zinc, iron and copper than most meat sources. It is particularly important for your pet's cardiovascular health. Lamb's liver is rich in trace elements and omega3, which helps to balance the ratio of fatty acids and care for the health of the coat.

  • Helps shape and relieve skeletal muscle and heart dysfunction. Levocanidin, which is abundant in sheep liver, helps to promote fat metabolism and prevent fatty liver to a certain extent, and provide energy for organs to ease the dysfunction of skeletal muscles and heart tissues.

  • Reduce the chance of hairball disease. Lamb's liver is rich in acetylcholine, which can increase gastrointestinal motility, help eliminate hairballs and reduce the chance of hairball disease.

  • Raw Bone Meat. Fresh liver alternatives to enhance the palatability of liver

Raw material composition: Lamb's liver

Additive composition: Rosemary extract.

Product composition:
crude protein ≥60.0%
crude fat ≥10.0%
crude ash ≤8.0%
crude fibre ≤1.0%
moisture ≤10.0%


  • Raw material processing: Sang Sang manually trims the fat, lymph and other excess tissues outside the neck of the chick, and only retains the most essential muscle part of the neck.
  • Freezing: The ingredients are frozen to -36℃ to kill most of the microorganisms and parasites.
  • Sublimation: Under the low temperature vacuum environment, the moisture ice crystals will be sublimated and extracted directly to complete the drying.
  • Irradiation Sterilisation: After encapsulation, the food grade irradiation process recommended by FDA is adopted, using high energy particle rays to kill.

*Freeze-dried preservation recommendations
-Use with caution in pets with severe oral disease (periodontal pockets overflowing with pus, loosening from non-replacement teeth) to avoid aggravation of the condition.
-This product must be given under the care of the owner to prevent pets with raw swallowing habits from choking.
-Do not use with puffed dry food at the same time.