Freeze-dried Fruit and Vegetable Bars - petspacestores
Freeze-dried Fruit and Vegetable Bars - petspacestores

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Freeze-dried Fruit and Vegetable Bars

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Freeze-dried Fruit and Vegetable Bars

  • Tyson Premium Chicken Breast: export-grade human food meat source, hypoallergenic and high protein, palatable TOP, favourite of little pets.
  • Spore kale: super vegetable, meet paws basic dietary fibre, vitamin supplement.
  • Sea Buckthorn Fruit: the king of VC, rich in natural Vitamin A Vitamin B Vitamin E and a variety of active substances.
  • Manuka Honey: rich in active substances MGO, love pets gastrointestinal "soft gold".
  • Organic Coconut Oil: rich in medium-chain fatty acids, antibacterial hair and skin health, cleaning the pet's mouth.

One "dog grass stick" a day is delicious and healthy.
Natural formula, gastrointestinal health.

  • Vitamins
  • Sulphur Glycosome
  • Trace elements
  • MGO
  • VC Protein

*The black granules in the veggie bar are sea buckthorn seeds, which are safe for your pet to eat.

  • Interaction tool to promote human pet relationship.
  • Layered, a bite of nutritional full supplement. Meat ➕Vegetables ➕Fruit.
  • Individual small package to carry around.

Ingredients: Tyson Chicken, Kale, Sea Buckthorn, Manuka Honey (Honey New Zealand), Organic Coconut Oil.
Suitable for: Cats and Dogs
Net Content: 60g
Shelf Life: 18 months
Storage: Sealed and stored in a cool place
Ingredient analysis: crude protein ≥ 65%, crude fat  8%, moisture ≤ 5%, crude fibre ≤ 5%, crude ash ≤ 5%.

Feeding Suggestion

  • Direct consumption: 1-5 pieces/day, small amount for the first time, can be broken or cut to avoid swallowing directly causing choking.
  • Compound water feeding: Supplementary nutrition can also help pets to improve water intake.
  • Staple food companion: Tear or chop, mix with staple food, canned food, raw bone meat, etc. to improve palatability and nutritional intake.