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Dr Holi

Dr Holi Kitten Milk

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Dr Holi Kitten Milk

  • Dr. Holi Pet Milk is a 100% human grade pet-only milk made by professors in dairy engineering, veterinary medicine, pharmacy and deep ocean water.
  • Given that of the increased low-fat rate, digestion, and absorption rate, it was made with decreased milk based on milk powder to prevent obesity and diarrhoea.
  • A dark brown colour will be visible in milk that has been lactase-dissolved for more than 10 hours. This item has not been coloured artificially, therefore feel free to give the milk to your dogs.
  • The taurine amino acid is present in the cat product to support eye health.
  • Recombined low-fat milk is defined as milk with a fat content of less than 1.6%.
  • Vitamins A, D3, E, calcium phosphate dibasic, and ferric pyrophosphate help promote health and energy.
  • Beta-carotene and fructooligosaccharide improve eye health and cut down on faeces stench.
  • Makes use of hyaluronic acid and seaweed calcium to help with bone health and skin moisturization.
  • Lactose-free milk is available for animals who have trouble digesting whole milk.

Ingredients: drinking water for pets, whole milk powder, skim milk powder, fructooligosaccharide, dried pollack extract, taurine, colostrum powder, seaweed calcium, lactase, vitamin mineral mix (vit. A, vit. D3, vit. E, calcium phosphate dibasic, iron pyrophosphate), hyaluronic acid, betacarotene, and a mixture of other vitamins and minerals. Enterococcus faecalis heated.

- Never feed kittens when they are supine.
- When nursing, maintain a warm temperature of 38 to 40 degrees.
- Avoid placing the container in the microwave with the food.
- When feeding it separately, store the remainder in the refrigerator with the cap on, and it is advised to feed the remainder at least every three days.